We Are The Liberia Medical & Dental Association


The Liberia Medical and Dental Association (LMDA) was established in November of 1963 as the Liberia Medical Association (LMA) with Dr. Joseph Togba as first President.

The association was established to serve as a forum for the exchange of ideas among members of the Medical profession and in the allied sciences both Nationally and Internationally. To act as the National representative body for the Medical Profession as well as promote health care delivery in Liberia. Additionally the LMDA was to create a forum which will register all Medical Doctors in the Republic.

In 1970 the Dentists were added as members of the LMD, thus necessitating the change of name from LMD to LMDA.

Over the years, the LMDA has had twenty presidents, three of whom were females and three were expatriates. Today the LMDA continues to uphold its core aims and objectives and remains relevant to the Medical community and the Republic.


1. Dr. Joseph N. Togba MD, MPH, FWACP 2 Dr. Nehemiah Cooper MD, FACS, FICS, FWACS 3. Dr. Kate Bryant MD, DCH, FWACP 4. Dr. Edwin Jallah MD, FACS, FACS
5. Dr. Charles Jupiter DDS 6 .Dr. Varsay E Sirleaf MD, DTM, FWACP 7. Dr. Walter Brumskine MD, FRCS, FWACP

8.Dr. Walter Gwenigale MD, FLCPS 9.Dr. Wilfred Boayue MD, MPH, FWACP, FLCPS 10. Dr. Emile T. Woods MD 11. Dr. Bankole Jarrett MD, FWACP, FLCPS 12. Dr. Samuel V. Freeman MD, FRCS, FWACS, FLCPS 13. Dr. Nathaniel S. Bartee MD FLCPS 14. Dr. Robert M. Kpoto MD, FRCS, MCh(Ortho), FWACS, FLCPS
15. Dr. Lilly Sanvee MD, FLCPS 16. Dr. S. Benson Barh MD, MPH, FWACP, FLCPS 17. Dr. Eugene D. Dolopei MD, MPH, FWACP, FLCPS 18. Dr. Lyndon G. Mabande MD, PGDip, MPH, DLSHTM, FLCP 19. Dr. Moses Massaquoi MD, MPH, FWACP, FLCP 20. Dr. Louise M. Kpoto MD, MMED, MPH, PHD


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Aims & Objectives